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Dan in 1954  

Dan was born in Hilo, Hawaii.  That may sound exotic, but he experienced many mental, emotional and physical disappointments.  He was born with physical complications and insecurity became his identity.  He experienced asthma and frequent respiratory infections.  He lived under a “cloud” most of his life.

Dan’s father was extremely successful in his career of wildlife management.  He was innovative and creative and he influenced many people around the world.

His mother was a wonderful homemaker and she was also very creative.  She developed a store called “The Clothes Horse” for people who needed warmer clothes who traveled to the continental United States in the late 1950’s.

Dan’s family life was quiet.  They appeared to be the “model family.”  Underneath that appearance he experienced the fear of failure, fear of rejection and shame.  He felt like he could never measure up to his father.  Both of his sisters had similar feelings.

  Dan on a big hunt

Dick Woodworth (Dan's Dad) and Dan  
They moved from Hawaii to Boise, Idaho when Dan was 11 years old.  He experienced many fishing and hunting adventures with his father, a master at both.  The “pressure to perform” increased in his life as his father became the youngest Director of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.  When he was a junior at the University of Idaho he had a powerful, dramatic and radical “conversion.”  His entire life changed and his identity began to be transformed from “insecurity” to “security.”  He began to flourish in his studies and his relationships.  He finally began to enjoy life and experience his destiny of helping people.

Since that time Dan has had a passion to inspire people with hope to become all they were created to be.  After he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife-Fishery Resources, he obtained a Master of Divinity degree.  He also earned the Doctor of Ministry degree.

Dan married his beautiful bride, Irene, one week after he received his Master’s degree.  They have worked together in many different business, government and church settings specializing in communication and public relations.  They have always enjoyed adventure and been creative lifetime entrepreneurs.  Dan has functioned as a fisheries biologist, consultant, teacher, counselor, ordained pastor and chaplain.  They created their current business of Redesign Boise, LLC and the Color & Redesign Academy.
  After herene and Dan's honeymoon

Their vision is to create a new church that functions as a multi-cultural, multi-generational healing community with creative, risk-taking team players to solve pressing problems in Boise, Idaho and beyond.

Dan catching a big one!  

Dan and Irene enjoy walking near their beautiful home, watching quality movies, reading, gardening, decorating and sharing hopes and dreams and being together with their son, Chris.  They enjoy overflowing life.  They are experiencing the master plan of our Creator.

My friend, Dan is not unique.  He knows what it feels like to experience hurt, pain and suffering.  But he also knows what it feels like to have hurt turned into healing and pain into peace.

Would you like to join him as you discover this great adventure together?


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