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Disappointments Transformed into Destiny

By Dr. Dan Woodworth

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eBook format:  Adobe PDF:  113 pages, 623 KB



Physical Book format:  122 pages, paperback, limited quantities available

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Disappointments Transformed into Destiny is a book about adventure, mystery, encouragement and hope.  Based on his own journey through life, Dan Woodworth paints graphic word pictures of disappointments and how they are transformed into destiny.  This is not a self help book with formulas that can be done with your own human ability.  Transformation can only occur from an objective viewpoint by someone who is looking in from the outside.  That person must know you intimately and have the ability to change your deepest disappointments into your highest hopes.  Could this person give you the ability to make your dreams come true?  Discover who this person is and what the transformation process does. This amazing encounter will astonish you and change your perspective forever.  Your problems will take on a whole new meaning of possibilities.  You will entertain and capture the wonder of all of your Disappointments Transformed into Destiny.


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